Fiberglass Tub Repair

If you need a fiberglass tub repair completed, the professionals at Tri-Star Refinishing are here to help. Whether you have a chip, ding, or crack in your tub, we can make it look brand-new in just minutes. Contact your local fiberglass bathtub repair experts at (877) 610-8827. We are located in Youngstown, Ohio and serve the surrounding areas.

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Trained Fiberglass Tub Specialists

While often easier and cheaper to install than other types of bathtubs, a fiberglass tub is much more challenging to repair. Most bathtub refinishing companies refuse to work on fiberglass because minor repair projects can quickly turn into major crises. If you aren’t trained in fixing fiberglass, it’s easy to accidentally crack the entire bottom of the tub while trying to fix a simple crack or chip. However, Tri-Star Refinishing specializes in these types of repairs. The innovative techniques included in our repair process allow us to fix fiberglass quickly and easily.

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The Fiberglass Bathtub Repair Process

Our experts begin by drilling six holes into the bottom of your bathtub and shooting a Froth-Pak into the holes. It only takes a few minutes for the Dow Froth-Pack to turn rock-hard, providing extra insulation and support at the bottom of the tub. This support allows us to do our work without the worry of the tub cracking under pressure. When you need a fiberglass tub repair, call the experts at Tri-Star Refinishing. We’ll do the job right, at a great price.

Our Three-Year Warranty

In addition to our fiberglass tub repair services, we also provide cosmetic work such as bathtub, countertop and sink refinishing. All of these services our proudly backed by our three-year, hassle-free warranty. This means that any issues that you run into during the first year of our warranty are repaired free of cost. Any problems encountered within the next two years of the warranty, we’ll fix for only $30. Our warranty paired with our incredible customer service is unmatched.

Whether we are doing a fiberglass shower repair or countertop resurfacing, we look forward to helping make your home look its best. Contact us at (877) 610-8827 to make an appointment today. In addition to bathroom repairs, we also offer apartment turnover and hotel touch-up services, too. We are located in Youngstown, Ohio, but we also serve the areas of Akron, Canton, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh.