If your bathroom isn’t the shiny, gleaming area it used to be, Tri-Star Refinishing can help. We specialize in bathtub refinishing services – a process that repairs the surface of your existing bathtub, returning it to its original, beautiful condition without having to pay the price for a brand-new tub.

Bathtub Refinishing
Fiberglass Tub Repair
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We also refinish tile, sinks, countertops, and more. Don’t settle for a cracked tub or dingy wall tiles any longer; contact our professionals at (877) 610-8827 to make an appointment for bathtub refinishing, sink refinishing, or countertop refinishing. We are located in Youngstown, and are proud to serve the surrounding areas of Ohio and Pennsylvania, including Cleveland and Pittsburgh, respectively.

Bathtub Refinishing and Sink Refinishing

Cracks, discoloration, and scum lines are typical in a bathtub that is older. While these things are inevitable, your bathtub doesn’t have to look its age, and you don’t have to replace it with a brand-new fixture. Our skilled refinishing services can give your bathtub a brand-new look again. Once refinished, you’ll be surprised at your bathroom’s beautiful condition regardless of its years of use.

Fiberglass Tub Repair

At Tri-Star Refinishing there’s no bathroom project we can’t handle. While many home improvement companies won’t work on fiberglass, we specialize in both fiberglass tub repair and fiberglass shower repair. Our innovative repairing process fortifies the bottom of your tub or shower, providing the support needed to fix it. Without the support, further damage could be done while trying to make the repair – the problem that many other companies have encountered, which has undoubtedly led to most costs going into completing the job. Even better: avoid those repairs by refinishing and renovating your tub! Our professionals do it all, so you won’t have to worry about leaks, sprays, chips, or any other issue that might come from a poorly installed tub or shower.

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Bathtub Refinishing and Exceptional Work

While we love all things tub, 100% customer satisfaction is our primary goal at Tri-Star Refinishing. Our employees are courteous and knowledgeable experts, and we offer a three-year, no-hassle warranty on all of our work. We have helped our customers, both residential and commercial, save thousands of dollars in remodeling costs. Contact us at (877) 610-8827 to schedule an appointment today. We serve the following areas of Ohio and Pennsylvania: Cleveland, Youngstown, Canton, Akron, and Pittsburgh.