No matter how hard you clean that old, worn-out tile in the bathroom, does it still look dull and dirty? Although installing new tile may seem like your best bet, your current tile may be salvageable. At Tri-Star Refinishing in Youngstown, our refinishing services will give you the same look as a tile replacement, but for a fraction of the cost.

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What is Tile Refinishing?

Often homeowners aren’t aware that most refinishing companies specialize in more than just tubs and countertops. The process of tile refinishing is very similar to bathtub refinishing. A professional begins the work by applying primers and bonding agents, and then seals the tile with numerous top coats and clear finishes. Not only will this quick process make the tile look brand new, it will also save you the headache of dealing with the expensive and messy project of replacing tile.

What if My Tile is Damaged?

Not a problem! Even if the tile in your bathroom has some unsightly chips or scratches, we’re still able to refinish the surface to restore it to its original condition. A professional from Tri-Star Refinishing will clean the damaged tile and remove any residue. Then our expert will apply new grout to the problem areas and start the tile refinishing process.

Do I Have to Stick to the Same Look?

a1 One of the best advantages about tile refinishing is that you can customize the color scheme of the existing tile. Does your bathroom look like it belongs in the ‘70s? With our bathroom tile refinishing services, you can ditch the outdated color palette for a more neutral one. If you want a splash of color, you can have our crew refinish your tub and tiles in a dashing color accent. See our gallery of amazing before-and-after photos to get inspiration for your next refinishing project.

Don’t worry if your tiles have some wear and tear — our professionals can make them sparkle again. If you have any other questions about our refinishing services, refer to our FAQ page, or contact us at (877) 610-8827. For years, we’ve been serving the surrounding communities of Cleveland, Ohio, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.