3 Common Questions about Tile Refinishing

No matter how hard you clean that old, worn-out tile in the bathroom, does it still look dull and dirty? Although installing new tile may seem like your best bet, your current tile may be salvageable. At Tri-Star Refinishing in Youngstown, our refinishing services will give you the same look as a tile replacement, but for a fraction of the cost.

Make Your Drab Cleveland Tub Fab

If you want to transform your bathroom from rough-around-the-edges to refined, contact Tri-Star Refinishing at 877-610-8827. We specialize in repairing and re-glazing your tub, countertops, sink, and tiles, bringing out the sparkle and shine that’s been hidden by years of wear and tear. Located in Youngstown, we’ve been serving the surrounding areas of Cleveland, Canton, and Akron, Ohio, as well as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for years.

The Green Bathroom: Toilet Savings

For most of us, flushing the toilet is something we don’t think about. It’s just a habit. However, environmentalists have recently brought the topic front and center. Now people are asking how eco-friendly our toilets are, and if it’s worth getting an upgrade. After all, today there are several ways to save water without sacrificing a quality flush.

The Green Bathroom: Sink Savings

Having an energy efficient home doesn’t mean installing a geothermal heating system in the backyard. In fact, sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest environmental impact. Start the new year off right by making your Pittsburgh or Cleveland home a more eco-friendly place, starting with the bathroom sink. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has several tips on how to save water (and money) at the tap.

Tub Talk: Reclean or Refinish?

If a dirty, scummy, or stained bathtub is ruining your bubble-bath experience, you’re not alone. Harsh cleaning chemicals, constant use, and sticky residue from non-slip mats are just a few of the things that can mar your tub’s shine.

The Summer Moving Rush

Landlords: moving season is almost here. Summer is a time of school breaks, work vacations, and beautiful weather. It’s also a popular time for people to graduate from college or get married — all major life changes that often result in a move. These factors combine to make summer the highest season for apartment turnovers.

Spring Cleaning 101: Bathroom Countertops

Sorting your wardrobe, scrubbing the sideboards—spring cleaning is the time to deep clean our homes, scrubbing and polishing what we don’t normally have time to do during weekly housework. It’s also an ideal time to complete any needed home renovations.

Bathroom Trends for 2013

Is your bathroom’s decor outdated, or does it just seem a little plain? Even renovating a small room like the bathroom can positively affect the look and feel of your home. If your bathroom is looking more drab than fab, energize it with some of this year’s most popular powder-room trends.

Luxury Bathroom 101

Almost everyone dreams about soaking in a Jacuzzi tub while sipping a glass of wine or relaxing in a steam shower while listening to soothing music. Isn’t it time to have the bathroom you’ve always wanted? Whatever your dream bathroom may look like, it may not be as far away as you think.