Is your bathroom’s decor outdated, or does it just seem a little plain? Even renovating a small room like the bathroom can positively affect the look and feel of your home. If your bathroom is looking more drab than fab, energize it with some of this year’s most popular powder-room trends.

Embrace Color

Move over, bland bathrooms! The new style is bold—and unexpected—color. If you’ve always wanted a bright red bathroom, now is the time to pick up the paint brush. When using bold colors, you have two options:

  1. Paint the walls the bold color and then use coordinating, but muted, accessories.
  2. Use bright accessories to add a splash of color, while keeping your walls a soft color.

If you want to use accessories to brighten up your space, Moroccan and Indian fabrics are incredibly popular this year. The fun patterns and bright colors make these prints perfect for shower curtain or window drapes.

Go Green

While painting your bathroom green would definitely be trendy, “going green” is about being more eco-friendly. Fair-trade baskets are the perfect way to organize towels. Or, be thrifty and use recycled woods, metals, and other materials during remodeling projects. Better yet, take a step towards sustainability by getting a water-saving shower head.  

Infuse Luxury

While bathrooms used to just be functional rooms, now many people are transforming them into spa-like atmospheres. More and more bathrooms are boasting steam showers, whirlpool bathtubs, TVs, wine coolers, and other luxurious features. Infusing your bathroom with some extravagance will make it more stylish—and enjoyable.

While you’re updating your bathroom with this year’s hottest trends, don’t forget that some of the best bathroom features are sparkling floors and unblemished countertops. Regardless of the latest styles, “clean” is always timeless.

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