With Christmas coming, your home will soon fill with family and friends. To prepare for the festivities, you’re probably decorating the tree, hanging your favorite decor, and digging out all those scrumptious recipes. As you do the seasonal preparations, it’s also wise to do some special cleaning projects to make sure your house shines.  To begin holiday cleaning, start by tackling the spaces in your home that aren’t aesthetically appealing. For many people, tubs are a problem area. Constantly in contact with water and harsh cleaning chemicals, they can quickly get damaged, worn down, and yellowed. If your tub needs some TLC, consider refinishing it before your guests come.

Bathtub Refinishing

Normal wear and tear damages the surface of the bathtub, not its structure. That’s why bathtub refinishing is such an incredible option. About half the price of buying a new tub, this process cleans, repairs, and refinishes the tub’s surface, making the tub look brand-new again. Below is a quick description of how a professional refinisher can put the gleam back in your tub.

  1. The first step is repairing all of the chips, scratches, and cracks on the tub’s surface.
  2. Next, the refinisher cleans the tub thoroughly, removing all dirt, soap scum, and product residues.
  3. Finally, the refinisher will prime the tub, and then apply three coats of shiny finish on top. After caulking the tub, the process is complete.

The result looks stunning, is affordable, and lasts for several years. Better yet, it only takes a few hours to complete, and the bathtub is ready for use in just twelve hours.

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