Making Your Tub Sparkle

With Christmas coming, your home will soon fill with family and friends. To prepare for the festivities, you’re probably decorating the tree, hanging your favorite decor, and digging out all those scrumptious recipes. As you do the seasonal preparations, it’s also wise to do some special cleaning projects to make sure your house shines.  

Bathroom Floor Therapy

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, soon you’ll have a constant stream of family and friends coming through your door to celebrate the holidays. While the kids may be ready for turkey, stuffing, and unlimited mashed potatoes, is your Ohio home ready for all the guests? This year, make sure your home is as dazzling as your freshly made pumpkin pie, beginning with the most overlooked part of your home—the bathroom floors.

Refinishing: An Affordable Cure for the Bathroom Blues

If daily wear and tear is leaving your bathroom countertops, floors, and bathtub looking older than they really are—don’t despair. Since the bathroom is one of the most frequented rooms in your home, it’s normal for this constant use to leave it looking worn and dilapidated. The good news is that it doesn’t have to stay that way. And, better yet, the secret to a rejuvenated bathroom doesn’t involve forking over half of your retirement savings.