Landlords: moving season is almost here.

Summer is a time of school breaks, work vacations, and beautiful weather. It’s also a popular time for people to graduate from college or get married — all major life changes that often result in a move. These factors combine to make summer the highest season for apartment turnovers.

Scheduling these turnovers is a time-intensive task for most landlords because it involves finding and scheduling painters, carpet cleaners, and any other service providers they need to restore the apartment. It can also be an expensive process. Multifamily Insiders estimates the average cost of an apartment turnover to be $4,047. The truth is that the more people you have to hire, the more time, money, and coordination is required.

Save Time; Save Money

At Tri-Star Refinishing we offer a comprehensive turnover service that saves time, money, and stress. We restore apartment units located near Cleveland, Akron, or Canton in Ohio, or near Pittsburgh and the Cranberry Township in Pennsylvania. We can perform the following services as soon as your tenant moves out:

Carpet cleaning: Carpets take the brunt of wear and tear. We’ll thoroughly clean the carpet, removing stains, odors, and general filth.

Apartment painting: A fresh coat of paint is one of the best ways to spruce up an apartment. Our professionals will leave the walls looking brand-new.

Bathtub refinishing: If the bathtub is yellowed, cracked, or shabby, we’ll refinish it for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. Our refinishing process leaves it in pristine condition.

Countertop resurfacing: We can also resurface the countertops. This process effectively erases any blemishes, returning the countertops to their original sparkling state.

With Tri-Star Refinishing apartment turnovers aren’t stressful or complicated. We’re the one-stop shop to a perfectly restored apartment. We also specialize in residential tub refinishing. If your tub at home needs a makeover, contact at 877-610-8827 to make an appointment. We look forward to serving you.